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The city of Burgas is one of the biggest cities in the southeastern part of Bulgaria, with its area of ​​about 253,643 km² and the 4th largest in the country. According to the census in 2011, Bourgas has a population of about 210,272 people and the 4th largest city in Bulgaria. City Burgas is one of the most important economic, transport, administrative and cultural centers in the South-East part of the country.

The city of Bourgas is the administrative center of Bourgas municipality and the district, as well as the seat of many regional and national institutions. Around the city of Bourgas there is one of the largest chemical and oil refinery in Southeast Europe, which is also one of the almost largest employers in our country.

Burgas international airport /BOJ/ is the second busiest by the Bulgarian airports, our biggest port here and only from our oil ports in the country. In the city of Burgas is located Black Sea fishing fleet, part of our Bulgarian navy and coastguard. Location around the several natural reserves and the protected localities, the ancient and medieval settlements, the Black Sea coast and its annual festivals attract many tourists to Bourgas.

The Bourgas Cathedral, which carries the names of our Slavic Apostles Cyril and Methodius and the protected areas, falls among the hundred national tourist sites.

Monastery and lakes near Burgas.

The Monastery of St. Anastasia "on the island of the same name in the bay of Burgas is one of the only preserved by the Middle Ages island monastery in the Black Sea. The town of Burgas is located in the eastern part of the Bourgas plain, it is located to the east in the Upper Thracian Plain.

It is situated in the western part of the Black Sea coast, the town of Bourgas gives its name to the bay of the same name, it is also the biggest and even the biggest in the continent of our Eastern Black Sea. The city of Burgas is surrounded by Lake Bourgas, Atanasovsko Lake and Mandren Lake in the west, southwest-northwest, and to the east of the Black Sea. Between Lake Bourgas and Mandren Lake, 209 meters high is the peak Varli briag. Which is also the highest point of Burgas.

In the city there are two sandy beads: Kumluka, which is located between the Bourgas lake and the Black Sea, which is about 3 kilometers long and about 1 kilometer wide - and Atanaskovska hair, situated between Atanasovsko lake and the Black Sea and almost 1 km long. The Black Sea island of Sts. Anastasia, he is also part of the city of Bourgas. It is also quite a distance of 6.4 kilometers from the coast and is built of volcanic rocks. The highest point is 11 meters and its area is about 0.023 km².

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