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The small Bulgarian fishing village of Varvara with 270 inhabitants is located on the southern coast of Bulgaria, 5 km from Tsarevo and 3 km. from Ahtopol, at the foot of Mount Papia (501 meters). Varvara is a place where there is an opportunity to relax peacefully, in complete harmony with nature away from the noise of large resorts. Sea breeze, fresh mountain nature, in combination with bizarre rock formations, create the unique comfort and charm of Varvara. The surroundings of the Barbara are part of the Strandja Nature Reserve. The nature of this beautiful corner of Bulgaria has long attracted the attention of talented intellectuals - artists, writers, actors, scientists, who are happy here with creative inspiration. A big role in this played and the local residents with their hospitality. For sports enthusiasts, tennis courts are provided, hiking to paraklisa Sveta Bogoroditsy, to the top Papia, where you can see the remains of a medieval fortress. A bit about Strandja: here two ridges are clearly outlined - Rezovsky and Bosnian. Rezovsky ridge goes to the south, to Turkey. Here is the highest point on the Bulgarian part of Strandja - 709-meter Golyamo Gradishte. On a clear day from this peak you can see the Black Sea. The Bosnian Range plays the role of the northern border of the Strandzha National Park, which runs almost parallel to the Rezovsky Ridge, starting from the top of the Karavansaray on the Bulgarian-Turkish border and ending south of the town of Tsarevo.The valleys of the Veleka and Rezovskaya rivers flowing through the reserve are captivated by their picturesque meanders. Veleka flows into Bulgaria through a beautiful rocky gorge, in the valleys of both rivers there are often foggy summers in the summer.If seen from the peaks, it seems that the sea has poured into the mountains and filled many fjords and for livov.

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BMW 2 Gran Torier 7 seats 4x4 Automatic Diesel