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The small resort area of ​​Topola is located on the northern coast of the Black Sea. Clean sea, soft sandy beach and quiet rest - that's what tourists are waiting for, who will come to Topola to spend their holidays. In Topola you will not find crowds of tourists, as in Golden Sands, you will not be disturbed by noisy parties, as in Sunny Beach, you will not be surrounded by children, as in Albena. Topola was created for a quiet, secluded holiday. The local beach is ideal for those who are used to spending free time reading books or playing golf, walking along the beach or sitting in a small restaurant for a bottle of wine. In a word, Topola is most like a small European resort on the Mediterranean Sea. Topola is ideal for lovers of long walks in nature. On the one hand it is surrounded by the sea, on the other hand - green hills and mountains. You can go to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna on your own, or book an excursion from your tour operator. In Topola come hundreds of species of sea birds that nest in steep cliffs: they gladly accept bread crumbs from tourists, sometimes they even eat from their hands. Scientists have long proven that monitoring birds has a beneficial effect on a person's psychological state: people become more relaxed and calmer, some even have insomnia. Around Topola there are several weak mineral springs with iodine-rich water. Therefore, the resort is visited by people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, kidneys, endocrine system. In the hotels of Topola, there are balneological rooms where you can take water inside and conduct various water procedures after consulting a doctor. Perfectly clean sea near the resort as if specially created for sea fishing. Early in the morning lovers of fishing go out to sea on boats and yachts to enjoy sea voyage and fascinating fishing. At your request, you can cook freshly caught fish on the grill: believe me, you will never forget the taste of juicy fresh fish with smoke, poured lemon juice. Golf lovers know Topola as the largest golf center in Bulgaria. There are three 18-hole fields around Topola, on which world-class golfers played. The fields are ready to take golf competitions at any time: they are well watched and looked after. Resting in Topola, many tourists start playing golf, because there is also a golf center where you can hire an instructor, take a few lessons for beginners, rent necessary equipment. Not far from the resort is a diving club, which will be interesting to visit all fans of the underwater world. The club expects both professional divers and beginners: for all there is a dive route, the necessary equipment and escort.

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