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The capital of Bulgaria Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, in which many remarkable examples of church and historical architecture have survived. Although the capital of Sofia goes recently - in this status it stays no more than a century and a half. This, however, does not prevent it from being an interesting cultural center, a fusion point for Eastern and European cultures, a city full of contrasts and beauty. In recent years, Sofia literally changed, turning from a sleepy town into a stylish and energetic metropolis. Near the old buildings there were large shopping and entertainment centers, fashionable hotels and clubs. It is noteworthy that the price policy has not changed much - Sofia is still one of the cheapest European capitals. All this, along with the nearby ski resort and balneological clinics, attracts thousands of tourists annually. Sofia is divided into 24 districts, each with its own administration. Local people call them communities. From the tourist point of view, only a few of them are interesting, although there are picturesque parks and beautiful buildings in many blocks, and small gardens and public gardens - in each neighborhood. Not for nothing is Sofia considered one of the greenest European capitals - only in the central part more than 10 natural zones are broken. Sredets is a historical center, most of the sights are concentrated here. These streets are better than any museum tell about the rich history of the ancient city. In architecture, western and eastern motifs are closely traced, closely interwoven. There are preserved the ruins of the ancient building - neighboring with buildings much later eras - the library of. Cyril and Methodius, St. Nedelya Cathedral and others. On the territory of Sredets stands one of the most symbolic buildings - the Church of St. Sophia. In appearance, the unremarkable church once gave a new name to the Bulgarian capital. The Bulgarian capital is located in the Sophia basin and is surrounded on all sides by mountains. The most famous of them is Vitosha, on the slopes of which the national park is divided. But foreign tourists to these regions are attracted not only by beautiful views and fresh air. Here is the most popular ski resort in Bulgaria. Now he is experiencing an unprecedented rise - athletes from the USA, Australia and other countries are eager to get here. On the slopes of Vitosha stretched 4500 m of mountain tracks and 11 km of plain ski trails. More than 10 routes of varying complexity - from green to black, so that you will not be bored either for beginners or professionals. Sofia is the mineral capital of Europe. In the center of the city and its environs more than 40 springs from 8 deposits. In this region there are almost all types of mineral waters, but they are used only by 20%. In Sofia there are sources of weakly mineralized water and saturated with useful substances deposits. The use of the latter should be approached with caution - use this water is only for medical reasons. The mineral springs of the Bulgarian capital are divided into warm, hot, cool and cold, with sodium, fluoride, potassium, magnesium, sulfates, hydrogen carbonates and other substances in various proportions. Water is used to treat skin diseases, musculoskeletal system, endocrine system, heart diseases and others. In the vicinity of Sofia there are many spa centers and thermal spas. The most popular town is Bankya, located 17 km from the capital. Local health resorts specialize in the treatment of cardiovascular and neurological diseases, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

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