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Plovdiv is the oldest of European cities, the second largest in Bulgaria, located on the Maritsa River, 25 km from the Rhodope Mountains. Plovdiv is a city of contrasts, it has a special beauty and charm. On its territory there are both ancient architectural buildings and modern buildings. About 200 of them are declared historical monuments and are taken under protection. The cultural heritage of the city is unique not only for the country, but for the world as a whole. For amazing pictures queness, Plovdiv was named "city of artists". Old Plovdiv is an autonomous district within the city. The pride of the locals, it was restored and preserved as a large open museum. Excellent preserved theater, stadium, basilica, thermae of the ancient city. And the Roman amphitheater, built in the 2nd century AD by the emperor Trajan, is still in effect! The ancient part of the city is full of ancient quiet streets. The main pedestrian road - the street of Prince Alexander I - is built up by the most beautiful buildings of the 19th century. Also you can see two mosques - Jumaia and Imaret, and one of the oldest watch towers. The most striking buildings in Baroque style are: Kouyoumdzhiuglu House (or Ethnographic Museum), Lamarten House (writers' house), Nedkovich House (municipality building). To the era of the Bulgarian Renaissance (19th century) are: the Church of St. Nedeli, the Church of St. Dimitra, the Church of St. Marina. The heyday of the city came in the 1st century AD. e. Then Trinmonium ("The City of Three Hills") was an important military point for the Romans. Now the ruins of Trimontium are parts of the acropolis, revived and waiting for their visitors. There are still theater performances and opera concerts here. In the modern part of Plovdiv is worth noting the ensemble of the International Fair. Every year one of the prestigious international exhibitions takes place here. And one of the most interesting attractions is a monument to a Soviet soldier, known as "Alesha" (established in 1954). Prototype for the image was a Russian soldier Alexei Skurlatov, the monument is on the hill Bunardzhik. In the city there are many museums, galleries, theaters, as well as a number of educational institutions - Plovdiv, Medical and Agricultural universities, academies of dances, music, arts. For those interested in sports, two well-known teams are playing in the city - Lokomotiv Plovdiv and Botev Plovdiv.

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