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Rent a car Lozenets.

Lozenets is a small resort town on the Black Sea coast, located 65 km from Burgas. Earlier it was called "Embelets" - in honor of the famous grape variety in Bulgaria, but eventually it was renamed. Despite the name, Lozenets is primarily a fishing village. Fishing traditions here are alive to this day, and this city has a lot of different fish restaurants, where you can try the freshest sea delicacies.


Lozenets for a long time would be a very quiet and family beach resort, but in recent years it has been developing quite swiftly, and in all directions. Here, new hotels, restaurants, children's infrastructure are being built, but at the same time new night clubs and bars, so that the resort has conditions for tourists of all ages and preferences.

The whole village consists of a few low-rise buildings, which resembles the European suburbs. Only 1 km away is the camping "Oasis". One of the most picturesque botanical gardens is located not far from the campsite. Also here is the oldest reserve of Silkosia, its almost century-old history is known throughout the country.


To the south of the village there is a fascinating view to the top of Papia (500 meters). The diversity of nature and local attractions make the village interesting for visiting many tourists.


The richness of nature is unique (sea, mountains, exotic flora and fauna), archaeological monuments (tombs and sanctuaries), as well as the traditions of Strandjan culture (hot-coiled dances, kukerskie masks) will not leave indifferent any tourist.

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