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The town of Kavarna is northeastern Bulgaria. It is located in the Dobrudzha plateau. The town was founded in the 5th century BC. from Greek colonies. In the 3rd - 2nd century BC, the branches were temporarily settled. During these years, the city played an important mediating role in the trade between local settlements and merchants from Rhodes, Herakleia and Sinop, Egypt and others.


Kavarna has excellent conditions for sea tourism, the coast is 42 km long. The town has a yacht port, fishing grounds, Kavarna attracts tourists not only as a seaside resort, but also as a center of rock music. There have been hundreds of concerts of some of the most famous rock, hardrock, and metal bands in the world for the past few years. Among the visitors are the Manowar, Motorhead, Deep Purple, and so on.


Interesting landmarks in the city: Dobrudja and the Sea Exposition, Ethnographic Museum, St. George Church. In the area you can visit the village of Kamen Briag, Cape Kaliakra, Cape Chirakman, Yailata - National Archaeological Reserve, Rusalka Holiday Village.

The Historical Museum of Kavarna was given its tattoo in 1971. In 2003, a building specifically designed for the museum was built, but in 2007 moved to a new building where temporary exposures can be displayed.


The central exposition of the Kavarna Historical Museum reflects the socio-economic development of the city from the fifth-sixth century to the distant 1940s. Visitors can see various proofs of the Kaliakra bloom as the capital of the Dobrudja Despotism, as well as the latest researches by the Bulgarian archeologists in 2008 about the fortress. The exposition of the museum under the name Dobruja i the Sea is arranged in a restored medieval bathroom, which has been transformed into a unique marine museum.


There you can see stone anchors, amphorae, treasures, coins, and other objects.


Ethnographic complex of Kavarna


The complex was opened in 1984. It is housed in an old restored house with a very beautiful courtyard full of flowers and paths that has been transformed into a museum of city life. It was owned by the middle-rich Kavarna family, which lived in the late 20th century. The ground floor of the building was used by the family for warehouses, cellars and various other business needs. You can see an old chef workshop, a small living room that was for the newlyweds, as well as old national clothing (Gagauz, Kotel and North Dobrudja costumes).

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