Rent a car Golden Sands Bulgaria—enjoy your holiday.

Rent A Car Golden Sands Bulgaria


Rent a car Golden Sands Bulgaria.


Golden Sands is a resort in northeastern Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast. It is one of the most popular resorts among foreigners. The resort is located in Nature Park, where you can see unique plant species and enjoy wonderful sea views. The beach area of ​​the resort is 3.5 km long, in places with a width of 100 m, with a grit of golden quartz sand. Golden Sands offers the opportunity for luxury holiday, congress, cultural, sports or hunting tourism. The resort has a wide variety of different categories of accommodation. An interesting landmark in the town is the Orthodox Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, in the area you can see Aladzha Monastery, Pobiti Kamani, Kamen Bryag.


Distance: Sofia - Golden Sands - 462 km. Plovdiv - Golden Sands - 401 km. Varna - Golden Sands - 16 km.

The Aladzha monastery is located about 4 km northwest of the Golden Sands resort and about 12 km east of Varna. It is situated within the borders of the Golden Sands Nature Park. The area around the monastery is protected. It is extremely beautiful with its picturesque mosaics of rocks and vegetation. Visitors to the Aladzha Monastery can see surviving remains of monastic cells, chapels and other rooms that are dug into the ground. The chapel has frescoes from the fourteenth century.


The Nature Park is the smallest in size in Bulgaria than all other nature parks. Its area is 13.2 square kilometers. It is located parallel to the sea shore 17 km from Varna and about 3-4 km from the Golden Sands resort. The park was established in 1943. Its purpose is to protect and protect the valuable plant and animal communities and the various geographical areas. The park is a protected area.


If the tourists coming to rest in Bulgaria are asked what they know about Uzunkum, it is unlikely that many of them will give the correct answer. So in Turkish called a place, located next to Varna. Here in 1957, construction began on a new resort, now known as Golden Sands. The project involved more than 30 reputable Bulgarian architects. Large-scale construction lasted almost 10 years.

“Long sands” - so translated from the Turkish language the word “Uzunkum” - turned into Golden, which quite accurately corresponds to the color of the sandy coast. Now the resort is often compared with international summer holiday centers such as Russian Sochi, Italian Rimini or Croatian Split. Every year, hundreds of thousands of active tourists come to Golden Sands. Most tourists come here from Romania, Germany, UK, Ukraine, France, Poland and Russia.

What to see and how to have fun at the resort?


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Among the holidaymakers there are quite a few lovers of walking through the streets of Golden Sands, where dozens of cozy cafes, shops, restaurants and other establishments await them. No less interesting are the surroundings of the resort. Right next to Golden Sands in the forest thickets of the natural park, Aladzha, a medieval rock monastery, “hides”. Most archaeologists are inclined to believe that the monastery appeared in the XIV century.


Now tourists, feeling tremulous feelings, spend hours walking through the labyrinths of the monastery corridors, looking into the partially preserved cells of the monks, the church, the refectory and the chapel. For those who want to know the details about the history of this sacred place, the doors of a small cloister museum are open. At the resort itself, except for the church of St. John the Baptist, there are practically no interesting sights.


But there is so much entertainment here that travelers won't be bored or looking for places of leisure. Young tourists almost all day having fun in Aquapolis. In this water park, five slides of different complexity are equipped for them and for adult travelers. In two pools - children's and "Neptune" - always full of lovers of swimming and games on the water. Next to the Admiral, a five-star hotel, there is a place that attracts young tourists, a small amusement park with fast electric cars, a children's steam train and a ferris wheel.

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Rent a car Golden Sands Bulgaria.
Rent a car Golden Sands Bulgaria.