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St. Constantine and Elena is Bulgaria's oldest seaside resort, located in a luxury park just a few kilometers from Varna. It is best suited for a calm, measured rest. Here 2-3 * hotels predominate, built amid a huge age-old park with rare trees and healing thermal mineral springs (water temperature +38 .. + 46 ░ C), creating a special microclimate and saturating the air with negative ions.


Rent a car Saints Constantine and Helena


At the resort - an extended beach strip with a dock, a disco, swimming pools with sea and mineral water and a water slide. On the basis of a local hydrogen sulphide source, a balneological treatment center operates.

In the 14th-16th centuries there was a monastery here, which originated as a dedication to the first Roman emperor Constantine the Great, who accepted the Christian faith, as well as his mother, Empress Helena, who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Palestine and found the Holy Cross, according to tradition. In 1908, at this place, from the spontaneous structures of rich local residents who liked to rest here in the summer, the first holiday home in Bulgaria appeared. In 2008, this oldest seaside resort in the country, celebrated its 100th anniversary.


The resort complex comprises a large number of hotels and 25 villas. The most interesting and status hotels are the five-star Varna Grand Hotel, Julio Curie, Prostor Hotel, Roubin Hotel, Sirius, Coral Hotel and Slunchev Den. All hotels have an excellent convenient infrastructure. In addition to balneological and spa centers, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, there are fitness rooms, tennis courts, golf courses, playgrounds for children, equestrian club, bicycle rental, cars, boats, yachts.


The resort itself is a forest park, where among exotic fig and lime trees among pine, tui, plane trees and cypress trees. Slowly walking in the evening, along the shady avenues of the park, couples suggest the old-fashioned resting place, for noble persons, who traditionally left the waters for centuries a couple of centuries ago. Sensations of elitism and spirituality create a special atmosphere in the resort.


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In the evenings, numerous discos and clubs are opening on the beach, while the Grand Hotel Varna has a casino.

The picturesque coast of local places with a relief line of rocks, bays and bays attracts fans of fishing and diving in these places, peace and serenity - lovers of solitude and romantics, and balneological centers, with numerous procedures based on natural mineral waters, everyone who wants to improve their health.


The resort is considered to be the residence of the Government of Yevskinograd, located in the southern part of the resort. The structure, created in the luxurious style of the New Baroque, is decorated with a beautiful garden, fountains and stairs leading directly to the beach.


For fans of outdoor activities - sports grounds, mini-golf, horse riding, archery, bicycles, yachts, boats, surfing, water skiing and bicycles, fishing.

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Rent a car Saints Constantine and Helena
Rent a car Saints Constantine and Helena
Rent a car Saints Constantine and Helena

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Rent a car Saints Constantine and Helena