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Byala could be a little sea city on the border of the group and Bourgas regions. From group - fifty five klick, from Burgas - seventy five klick, with a population of 2500 inhabitants. It is a awfully calm, green and beautiful place. Which could be a mixture of a conventional little Bulgarian village and a ocean resort.


Byala attracts with its sandy beaches, clear sea and the cleanest forest air. As the resort is surrounded by a dense forest. And from the winds the resort is protected by the ridge of Stara Planina. Coming down to the sea, as well as a calm atmosphere. The entire coast of this region is a rocky coast with small bays. Which limits the beach strip on one side, and makes this place more picturesque.


Most of the beaches are with an eastern, north- and south-eastern location. Which allows the best way to enjoy the sun's rays. Bulgaria. The resort of Byala. White rocks. By its name "Byala" the resort is duty-bound to white rocks that frame town and square measure a earth science "exhibit". Along which it is possible to trace the periods of development of the earth's crust for several thousand years.

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Sunset within the ocean is kind of light, about 10 meters from the shore. The depth does not exceed 70 cm, and then gradually becomes deeper. Up to 2-2.5 meters at a distance of 200 meters from the shore. The beaches are run by rescue services. And the cleanliness of the beach is monitored by the municipal service. The nearest resorts to Byala are: Obzor (5 km), Irakli camping (20 km to the south). And between Byala and Obzor there are camping sites "Luna", "Sun" and "Prostor".


The resort has 4 * and 3 * hotels. Recreation centers, and apart-hotel complexes are offering accommodation and good services. As the resort is small, the number of hotel complexes does not exceed 15. Which permits maintaining a peaceful, cozy atmosphere at the resort. There are no huge crowds of campers, children's camps, a large number of clubs and discos.


But there square measure all conditions for recreation, walking, equestrian sports, water sports. Not far from the resort is the promenade of a jeep-safari route with an entertainment program.

On the coast there is a small sea port for yachts and small boats. There are opportunities for sailing and yachting, a yacht school works. Fans of fishing and spearfishing in Byala won't need to be bored. In the rocks you can hunt with an underwater gun, and in the open sea you can fish on various tackles. The river flowing near Byala abounds in fish.


In the forests, with a license, you can hunt in hunting farms for a different beast.


Bulgaria. The resort of Byala. Berth for boats.


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The first mention of the settlement in this area is attributed to the VI century BC. - Cape of St. Atanas.

In ancient times, this city belonged to Hellenic colony Aspros. Then this place, like the other regions of the Balkans, was owned for a long time by the Ottoman Turks. The status of the town of Byala was acquired in 1984.


In Byala there is an ethnographic complex. In which traditional Bulgarian exhibits are located. Lovers of rural commercial enterprise, will be able to come into contact with the national life. And customs of the residents of the authentic village homes of Byala. Near Byala you can see the remains of ancient fortresses. Bulgarian wine Dimyat.


This region has long been known for its traditions of viticulture. It produces an exceptionally aromatic variety of Dymyat wine. Which can be purchased in stores. Ordered in restaurants or tasted in a special tasting room in the center of the town.

Also in the resort there are enough shops with main products. And there is a market with fresh vegetables and fruits.


Byala, like most of the resorts in Balkan nation, is considered a place that naturally treats respiratory diseases. Like asthma, improves the condition of allergic people. The wind in Byala is preponderantly marine, and in the air a very low content of pollen and other allergens. In the region there has never been a single industrial production.


Byala is developing rapidly. New apartment complexes and villas are being built all the time. And perhaps {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a awfully} few years it'll be a very spirited, strident resort with developed infrastructure. But this will not happen today. Therefore, wishing to calmly relax and admire the beautiful nature. The resort of Byala waits all summer!

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Low cost rent a car Byala
Low cost rent a car Byala

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Low cost rent a car Byala